Cosplay It Again, Sam - Mat of Steel is Henry Cavill Superman

Welcome to our first installment of 'COSPLAY IT AGAIN, SAM'! Kudos to Jaush for the naming rights!


When we started posting about Krypton on Syfy, we got some initial reactions form our network and one person's opinion caught my eye, Mat of Steel on Instagram! Be sure to follow Mat! Do it NOW!

This Canadian Cosplayer 🇨🇦 (is he really an alien?) joined us to talk Superman, Man of Steel, Krypton and more!

Mat, how long have you been cosplaying? How long as Man of Steel Superman?

I have actually just started cosplaying per se. Ever since Henry Cavill was cast as Superman, I have wondered what I would look like in his suit.

It wasn't until this summer though that I was approached by a friend (who runs a cosplay-animation business) to actually put in motion everything. After some research for the most realistic option, I contacted a the creator of my suit (Youngknight Props on Facebook).

Everything was made from scratch and custom-sized, so it took around 6 months from begining to the end.

Have you done Superman in other costumes?

Other than some t-shirts, I have not. It was important for me to be have the most realistic outfit, hence my choice of this costume.

What's you favorite part about the Cavill Superman?

Say what you want about Zach Snyder, I think he definitely brought mystery and more "human-ness" to the character. In the first Man of Steel, you can clearly see him struggling to grasp that he is different than us, humans. You can see him searching for a path in his early days, not knowing what to do with his powers. In Batman v Superman (and a bit in Justice League), they tried to showcase him as a villain a bit, making it much more clear how powerful Superman really is. So I think my favorite part is the fact that you can relate more to his past than previous Supermen.

Are you looking forward to Krypton on Syfy?

Definitely! As big a fan of Batman as I am, I didn't get into Gotham as much as I would have like. Hopefully, Krypton will do a better job of pulling me in (even if I'm a sucker for these shows!).

What's next for you? Con appearances?

Since I am fairly new to all of this, I am currently building my portfolio and trying to establish our Cosplay and animation service in Quebec (@laliguedesheros).

I plan to attend the Ottawa Comicon in May, and then Montreal in July. These will be my first appearances as the Man of Steel.

Do you have any other characters in the works?

Not right now, but again since I go for realism, I am fairly limited in my selection. In the future, I would love to add a Christian Bale Batman, or (since I have grayish hair) Slayde Wilson!

"In the future, I would love to add a Christian Bale Batman."

Do you have any thoughts/predictions or 'hope' for the future of DC Movies and the direction they are headed?

This one is though to answer. There are a lot of rumors of recast, reboot and what have you on the internet. I think they should stick to what they have  right now and focus on better screenwriting. I don't think the problem is in the casting of the roles (Although I could make a case for a better Lex Luthor).

I believe there are too many cooks in the kitchen over at Warner Bros. and this might be the reason why the movies are all over the place. I can't predict what will happen, but I would certainly love to have cameos of other characters in solo movies (Amazonians in Aquaman, Superman in Shazam, Flash in WW, etc...). As for Man of Steel, the least they could do for this character is give him another proper solo movie after BvS and JL, don't you think?

Definitely! What's your favorite quote from Man of Steel? Mine is Pa Kent, "You ARE my son!"

There are so many that resonates with me, but I would have to follow along with you on that.

Mine would be the scene in which Jonathan Kent tells Clark: "You just have to decide what kind of a man you want to grow up to be, Clark".

This is powerful to me because it gives Kal-El the freedom to be whoever he wants to be. Jonathan KNOWS that his son is a good man, but if he wants he could use his powers for selfish reasons like greed, power or fame. This proves again that Superman is selfless in his decisions to always place others above his needs, and I think we can all learn from him as humans and help others instead of being selfish.