Don’t have the time to start at podcast #1 and going all the way through our back catalog?
No worries. Here’s a few of our favorite ‘sodes to get you started!



Hours before our first Boston Comic-Con After-party, all 4 Gents got together in person for the first time!


#55 - Scott Pilgrim Release Party

A much-younger Clay and Dursin cover the midnight release of the final Scott Pilgrim book at NEC Allston (R.I.P.)


#187 - Interview with MC Frontalot

On a very special League Podcast, Adam Rivera and MC Frontalot join us to talk about their post-PAX shows, the Star Wars "Machete Order," appearing in an issue of the Walking Dead, and Frontalot's awesome new merch, because that's what feeds the babies!


#210 - Interview with Gary Wolf

The Gents are joined by author and creator of Roger Rabbit, Gary K. Wolf, as we discuss Gags in the Margins, the Wolf Clause, and the Northeast Comic-Con/Pop Culture Expo!


#249 - Interview with Keith Dallas

John and Dursin interview writer, editor and big-time Red Sox fan Keith Dallas.


#269 - Interview with Ken Reid

Clay and Dursin talk with comedian Ken Reid about his own podcast, TV Guidance Counselor.


#297 - Interview with MC Lars

We talk with MC Lars about why there's never been a better time to be a nerd.


#323 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In this special edition ep, all 4 Gents tackle one of the most polarizing movies in recent history: Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Curbcast Thank you for your service

Curb-cast #5

Clay and Dursin are joined by Jim Scampoli of the jimandthem and Shows What You Know podcasts to chat about this week's episode, and we go together like Milk Duds and popcorn, let me tell you.

Action Comics Powerstone

Oddio Comic #14

In our new Oddio Comic for Action Comics #47, Lex Luthor becomes juiced using electricity, but the greedy bugger wants to become even more powerful, and tries to coerce Superman to obtain an even greater weapon: The Powerstone!