League of Ordinary Gentlemen Curb-cast Episode #14 - The Seinfeld Edition - The Bubble Boy


The Dursins (Matt and Mark) and Clay talk sweet cabin life, George’s desire to make good time and ask the universe why we don’t hear about Bubble People any more. Featuring our first blood relative since we started this thing...10 years ain't bad!

Check out Mark and Sheri's book at Amazon for an anachronistic historical adventure loosely based on the legends and characters of of classics Illiad and The Odyssey.

Oh, and Matt has a book based on historical legends on sale as well.

"Buy My Book!" — The Dursins

Labors of an Epic Punk
By Mark and Sheri Dursin
The Boy In the Bubble
Legacy Recordings
Guarantee the Perfect Movie Night with Fandango
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