League Podcast Comic Book Picks of the Week for Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wonder Twins (2019-) #1
By Mark Russell
By Brian Michael Bendis


“Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!” Mark Russell of Flintstones fame takes on Wonder Twins in Wonder Comics presents Wonder Twins #1 of 6! Form of “Ice Rink”? … Going off of Dursin’s unexpected Liefeld Wolvie variant last week, we’re picking Superman #8 from Bendis as Jon Kent returns from hanging out with granddad in space! … Betrayal is the nature of the Sith but you tell that to crusty old Count Dooku in Star Wars: Age of Republic Count Dooku #1. You know you want to buy it. Maybe Yoda will be in these exalted pages? … Picks this week from LeaguePodcast.com.

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