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Sat 8/26 - An Evening with the Doubleclicks - EARLY EVENING at THUNDER ROAD (Somerville)

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An Evening with the Doubleclicks


August 26 - EARLY SHOW: 7pm Show / 6pm Doors


All Ages or 21+ (let me know)? Fully Seated - stage cleared by 9

The Doubleclicks, Angela M Webber and Aubrey Turner, are a pop-folk sister duo from Portland, Oregon. Their cello-and-ukulele-infused music is uplifting, nerdy, personal, and honest, ranging from a party anthem to hanging out with cats to an earnest look at body image, through the gaze of a Velociraptor. The Doubleclicks are known for creating many videos on YouTube, where they have over 15,000 subscribers and 3 million views. They are also known for their strong relationship with their fans, who have supported 2 Billboard-charting albums on Kickstarter and participated in many collaborative projects, helping the band make videos and songs using the Internet as a collaboration tool.

The Doubleclicks’ 2017 album, Love Problems, is an intimate look at love, loneliness, and depression. While including some of the themes of cats and technology from previous albums, the band has grown out, and looked in, for more introspective and serious songs.