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SAT 8/22 & SUN 8/23 Walker Stalker Con Boston 2015

About Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con Boston 2015 takes place August 22 & 23, 2015 at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, Massachusetts.

Walker Stalker Con is the fruit of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric. The podcast began with an amazing trip to Senoia, GA where James & Eric were able to view the set of The Walking Dead and meet the incredible actors from the show. As a result of this experience, a podcast began and then the idea of a convention focused around recreating that same experience with the cast and crew of the show, along with talented actors and artists from other zombie shows, movies and art.

Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is three days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

A special thanks to all of those volunteers and fans that have spent countless hours in making Walker Stalker Con a reality. As well, a special thanks to the original KickStarter supports for Walker Stalker Con who invested and believed that Walker Stalker Con could be just the thing that zombie fans were looking to be part of!

Thank you for participating in Walker Stalker Con – a convention that is funded by the fans and is for the fans!