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SAT 11/7 - MATINEE SHOW: LeaguePodcast Presents: The Bunny The Bear, Vanity Strikes, Justin Symbol, Meracula at MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS

  • Middle East Upstairs 472 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA, 02139 United States (map)

Close your eyes and let's take a journey to a plush, green forest, with the sun shining bright and birds chirping with glee. You are strolling along, admiring the calm scenery around you, when suddenly, a horrifying, high-pitched scream breaks the silence. Breaking out in a run, you search frantically for the animal that had expelled this bone-chilling yelp, only to find a bunny, with hellfire in his cold, doe eyes, as it continues to scream bloody murder. Rubbing your eyes in disbelief, you hear an entrancingly clean melody in the distance. Turning the corner, you are face-to-face with a monstrous bear, and while you should be terrified, you are intrigued by the animals, listening to a sound you had never heard before. Curious, you sit and listen as the bunny and the bear fill the forest air with their symphony of sounds. Now open your eyes. The scene you just imagined takes human form in violent, post-hardcore duo THE BUNNY THE BEAR, who have been steadily climbing the food chain since 2008. With masks at the ready, THE BUNNY THE BEAR expels a breed of experimental hardcore the likes of which the music industry has never encountered before.

In 2008, Matthew Tybor, more commonly known as "The Bunny", began collecting members for his newest project. But what is a bunny without his bear? Desperate to find his ferocious counterpart, The Bunny's prayers were answered by the addition of Chris Hutka, The BearSporting a plastic bunny and bear mask respectively, Tybor's piercing screams seemed to be complimented perfectly by Hutka's strong, clean vocals, and with that, THE BUNNY THE BEAR was let out of its cage. Harnessing their primal artistry, the guys began recording material in 2010, broadcasting their creativity through blasts of electronic triggers. Their blending of hardcore, metal, and electronic genres lifted critics speechless, unsure of how to classify the band. The Bunny has taken it upon himself to offer some sort of method to their musical madness saying, "To put it simply, we are weird. If I had to describe it? heavy, electronic and experimental. I write whatever the F&*$ I want. There's a bit of everything." So with beats in their heads and lyrics at their tongues, THE BUNNY THE BEAR caught the attention of top execs and signed to Victory Records February in 2011. 

Reminding us all to mind our manners, the duo released If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say... on September 30th, 2011, just a couple months after their signing. Caught off guard by their experimental image and sound, critics were unsure how to approach critiquing a genre never achieved before. Quickly gaining a loyal fan base, the animal duo delivered one energy-filled performance after another, proving their unique styles transcend their studio recordings. THE BUNNY THE BEAR released their sophomore Victory album, The Stomach For It on May 22nd, 2012. Pianos, electronic overdrives, chugging, and sweet melodies are welcomed as breaths of fresh air in a genre full of unnecessary breakdowns. One year later, the band released Stories, and demonstrated a newfound strength in producing melodic harmonies that were both energetic and unexpected. In an era when every band looks and sounds the same, crowds everywhere are embracing their individualism with arms open wide. 

Out for blood, THE BUNNY THE BEAR have released their forthcoming effort, Food Chain, a welcomed return to the chaotic duality they introduced years ago. THE BUNNY THE BEAR will proudly remind you why they stand at the top of the Food Chain.

SAT 11/7 MATINEE SHOW: LeaguePodcast Presents: The Bunny The Bear, Vanity Strikes, Justin Symbol, Meracula at MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS