League Podcast Oddio Classic - Incredible Hulk #159 - "Two Years Before the Abomination!"

Revisit one of our first Oddio Comics (before we knew they would be such a sensation!) as The Hulk must contend with Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross (a.k.a. Ol' T-Bolt) as well as a time-displaced Abomination! Hear our take on all the smashing here!  Play/Download Here

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League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode #239 - Interview with Mark McKenna

Josh and Dursin sit down with Mark McKenna about his current projects, including Combat JacksBanana Tail's and more.

Mark and The League will be at Boston Comic-Con 2015! Hey, you can listen to this while you're waiting to get in!  
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Oddio Comic 50! (sort of) - MetaMorpho #4 Part 3 - The Conclusion!

The Awesome Escapades of the Abominable Playboy conclude as Metamorpho and friends wrap up Operation: Jealous Lover in astounding and fashion! Viva El Metamorpho!

Metamorpho #4 can be found in the pages of DC Showcase: Metamorpho - The Element Man Vol. 1. Click on the cover to buy it from Amazon and help The League out!


John Hunt

Matt Dursin

Stacey Rizoli


Ray O'Hare

And Jaush Lingel as The Mexican Guy

Edited By:

John Hunt

And Don't Forget our 200th Episode Celebration Movie Screening of The Specials! Saturday, August 23rd- Somerville Theater - 8:00 - Get there early to party with The League!  FREE!

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